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What’s a hernia? Most simply put, a hernia is when an organ or its tissue moves away from its normal position (see “Hernia Fast Facts” for more detailed information).  They are incredibly common, especially in men; their lifetime risk of develop... Read more


Dr. Shahzad Ahmed, a board-certified cardiologist, trained in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine, has joined Lower Bucks Hospital’s BMC Cardiology Practice LLC. Dr. Ahmed has advanced specialization in coronary interventions, peripheral... Read more

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On a very warm July afternoon, I met with Keith Fenimore, co-founder and executive director of the Pine2Pink Foundation, on the porch of Evolution Candy in the heart of Doylestown. It was an unusual place to hold an interview, but also highly... Read more


Hatchet throwing sounds to me like something lumberjacks do during their breaks. I visit Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Bristol and co-owner Jen Runyon tells me the story of how this sport captivated her and her boyfriend to the point where they decide... Read more

If you were asked to name types of medical specialties, you’d likely be able to come up with a dozen or more that span the alphabet—from anesthesiology to podiatry to urology. Audiology may not be on that list, but Dr. Lynda Wayne would like to... Read more


Sagun J. Pendse, MD., F.A.C.S. announces that Dr. Victoria Ries, O.D. has joined Eye Associates of Bucks County, P.C. Dr. Ries, rattended New England College of Optometry where she was inducted into the Optometric honors society, Beta Sigma Kappa... Read more

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Chip Brewer of Lansdale, PA fell 40 feet onto the stone surface of a parking lot when the scaffolding supporting his body collapsed in a construction site accident. He spent three months casted from his neck down. When he emerged from the cast, he... Read more


The quality of our lives is often directly related to the condition of our teeth. Our teeth are not only the first stage in the breaking down of food to nourish the body, but they are a major element in our appearance. A healthy smile wins friends... Read more


Dr. Glenn DeBias, founder and medical director of The Institute for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine says, “Our society can be very judgmental. We praise a youthful look.” And no doubt about it, people with an aged appearance seem to be easier to... Read more


“The most important thing to remember is to plan ahead.” Those are the words of Thomas Wells, Owner of Thomas G. Wells Construction LLC. In business since 1988, award-winning Wells specializes in universal design for aging in place, as well as energy Read more


Tom Dingwall solves problems—health problems and others. He helps people find health solutions by looking at their environment and nutritional needs. In the controlled environments that we live in, being energy wise often involves sealing us in Read more

Pine Run Health Center, a center of healthcare excellence for short-term rehabilitation patients and long-term care residents, will soon begin an $11 million renovation to enhance patient-care areas and improve patient-safety Read more


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This group of men and women are more than your everyday fitness buffs. They are cancer survivors. And after undergoing diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and medication Read more

Dr. Richard Goldfarb has procedures that can enhance the appearance of both men and women without the dire side effects and long downtime of traditional plastic surgery, Read more


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