Diabase is the tongue-in-cheek name of a bucolic farm located in Upper Makefield. It’s named for the regionally common igneous rock from which the house was built. But the name isn’t at all indicative of the property, because as you wind your... Read more

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To be truthful, my property Cedaridge Farm is not ideal for growing roses. The ground in winter is generally too wet, causing root rot among all but the most robust varieties and we are plagued with rodents such as field mice that make a feast of... Read more

Cushioh Chry

Derek Fell

For many gardeners, fall can be a sad season when summer-flowering perennials exhaust themselves and floral color dwindles, but with the right choice of perennials the fall home garden landscape can be as brilliant as spring or summer... Read more

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Container Gardens

Derek Fell

At my home, Cedaridge Farm, we have enjoyed experimenting with growing plants in containers because the interest in container gardening continues to increase and it has been fun to try combinations that one rarely sees, like using vegetables as... Read more

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One of the delights of gardening in Bucks County is the dramatic change of seasons with the snow cover during winter months. Although most plants turn dormant after frost, shedding their leaves and surviving through hardy root systems ... Read more

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When people ask me about planting a flower garden I generally advise on starting with a perennial garden because perennial plants can be chosen to give a big bang for the buck in late spring, following the extravagant displays of daffodils and tulips Read more

ELA is in the process of opening an outdoor living showroom & garden center. It will be a one-stop shopping location for professional landscape outdoor living products, design services, and construction services. Read more

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Turner House Summer 2013

Randl Bye

Peaceful Grazing Farm is home to more than Susan and George Turner. “There are twenty three other souls here with us,” George comments. Aside from Susan and George; their daughter, Jacqueline, who lives in a cottage on the property with her two five- Read more

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According to Chris and Diane Baker of James Ponds, water features are living organisms and need to be integrated into a customer’s lifestyle, landscape ecology and aesthetics Read more

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Avante Garden

Photograph by Derek Fell

Derek Fell shows how gardens art both art and good places to display art. Read more

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River House

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