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I love the drive to Carversville, no matter which way I go. I can drive from Rt. 413 and take Carversville Road or from Lumberville down Fleecydale Road. Either way I get to see the spectacular natural beauty that includes everything from the... Read more

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It is easy to live in Bucks County and never want for a thing. Whether it is shopping or sailing, covered bridges or the casino, there is something for every taste and style. That diversity has been a draw time and again for artists, families... Read more

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We all know Bucks County is rich in history, but few of us can say exactly why. Sure, we know Washington crossed the Delaware in 1776 on Christmas morning in a surprise attack on the Hessians headquartered in Trenton and who were fiercely fightin... Read more

You never forget the moments when you learn about your personal history. For Robin Robinson, she was a teenager riding in her mother’s car on the 405 in Los Angeles when she found out she was Jewish. Robinson’s mother had originally kept her... Read more

People say houses have character, but it is the lives that were lived in there that complete the story. That’s what keeps Christine Wysocki up at night, searching, following clues and finishing what she started. The mother of two whose day job... Read more

Set back from the main road, this 1840s Bucks County stone farmhouse sits on a parcel of land in Sellersville, Hilltown Township. The land, encompassing 55 acres, was sold to Samuel Sellers (for whom the town of Sellersville was named) by William. Read more

The autumn sun burned bright in the sky, with temperatures ranging in the high 60s to low 70s. A day more fitting for a hike or a picnic by the Antietam Creek than for fighting. But before 5:30 a.m. the next day, 22,720 men would lie dead. Another... Read more

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What we call Washington Crossing was at one time Taylorsville, a village founded by the Taylor family in the early 19th century. Most of the buildings that make up Taylorsville are now part of Washington Crossing Park... Read more

At 100 years old the Mercer Museum has never looked better. It still holds the same thrill for visitors today as it did when Henry Chapman Mercer first opened the doors to his seven-story-tall museum in 1916. Cast of poured-in-place concrete... Read more

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