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The term ‘Edible Landscaping’ refers to the use of food crops notably vegetables and herbs—to create a decorative space as well as a functional one. The best example of this exists in France at the Chateau Villandry where mostly vegetables and... Read more

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On a glorious summer day, you can drive around many parts of Bucks County and observe its great collection of historic homes. Whether you are in such places as Quakertown, Newtown, Yardley, or Bristol, you are sure to see homes that have been here... Read more

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"It isn't stone barns and homes alone that give the Delaware Valley its appealing visual aura. Another important aspect contributing to the charm of the Valley region involves the space surrounding res Read more

Keith Frederick offers some designs for your outdoor living environment. Some nice ideas for patios, outdoor bars, fireplaces, ponds, outdoor kitchens and swimming pools. Read more