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Organic gardening

The MacDowell Cornucopia

Organic, a now familiar word we see or hear every day in newspapers, magazines, supermarkets, commercials and conversations. But not long ago that word did not roll off our tongues so often. Some of the basic ideas of organic farming are the...

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Jay Chaikin is an artist whose medium is reclaimed wood from antique structures that he sells to history conscious builders and uses to make his own line of furniture Read more


Randl Bye

Old barns need to be preserved because they stand for something important in American life that transcends their utilitarian functions of sheltering animals and keeping hay Read more

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Lifestyle designer Victoria Graves’ mission to unite this historic 18th-century farmhouse with its more recent additions came together using her signature design—“shaggy chic” Read more

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Carlton Pools stands out amongst its competitors with experience you can’t find elsewhere, with 85 percent of our in-house pool construction team of builders that have over thirty years’ experience. Read more

Alan Fetterman, who is known for his strikingly beautiful Impresionist paintings of Bucks County is now the subject of the book Illuminate, by accomplished art critic Cathie Viksjo Read more


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Brian H. Peterson, known for his photography, writing and being a curator at the James A. Michener Art Museum, was at heart a dreamer who could see the reality and importance of beauty Read more

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Worthington & Shagen Custom Builder, Inc. builds custom crafted, extraordinarily detailed, and fine finished new homes, renovations, restorations, and additions Read more

Avant Gardens

Derek Fell

I was driving through France recently and came across a sight that took my breath away. Between the road and a village church was a meadow full of red poppies. Since they grow so easily in Bucks County gardens and self-seed reliably it made me ... Read more

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The move from country to town was made much easier for Peg and Terry Forster when a realtor showed them a colonial brick house in Doylestown that had a kind of country feel Read more

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One of the great pleasures of living in Bucks County is the dramatic change of seasons—cool in spring with mint-green leaves unfurling from tall deciduous trees; lush woodland in summer with sparkling streams tumbling Read more

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weather 8.jpg

Lynda Berry

David Hughes is a master garden designer who complements his gardens with wood furniture that he makes. All of his creations are both unusual and environmentally safe: restoration and preservation are his ultimate goals. Weatherwood Design’s purpose Read more

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Turner House Summer 2013

Randl Bye

Peaceful Grazing Farm is home to more than Susan and George Turner. “There are twenty three other souls here with us,” George comments. Aside from Susan and George; their daughter, Jacqueline, who lives in a cottage on the property with her two five- Read more

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In Style sp 2014

Paul Wesley

With a living kitchen and space age appliances for every need and budget, Bill Vandegrift is still best known for shooting straight and standing behind their products Read more

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The Carousel Farm was meant to be a retreat from the high powered and hectic lives of a New York photographer, Niko Christou, and a Manhattan attorney, David Braff. They bought the centuries old Solebury property on Mechanicsville Road in 2000 as Read more

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Windy Bush Farm

Photos by Randl Bye

Ten years ago the Martinis discovered and fell in love with Bucks County. And every since finding the county they searched with the help of a string of realtors to find their dream house. “Realtors were showing us run down properties in desolate area Read more

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After several moves in various locations around the country, Karen and John McDonagh found an early 19th-century Yardley house that finally felt like home Read more

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What marks a great garden is how it looks during the winter when it is stripped of its three-seasons of color and has to rely on its structure, trees and a few flowering plants Read more

Made with superior wood that is beautifully hand carved and finished, Marschark clocks are recreations of period clocks made by the most accomplished clockmakers Read more

A participant in the 2016 Bucks County Designer House, My Folksy Home is an Interior Design business specializing in sustainable design. Fran Crotty, its creator, has a talent for creatively reusing and repurposing her client’s furnishings as well... Read more

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BC3D Sculpture Club

Sculpture club

The BC3D Sculpture Club of Bucks County Community College (BCCC) is comprised of artists who work in bronze, steel, glass, stone, and other media. The members, brought together by a love of art and their passion for learning, develop and improve their craft by taking courses in the 3D Arts program at the Newtown campus. Some members prepare for an arts career by building successful portfolios at BCCC and then transferring to a four-year program. Others advance their skills by enrolling in classes including 3D design, sculpture, glass blowing, etc. One member recently received a full scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Members’ works are often accepted in shows and purchased; see artist Ray Faunce III’s sculpture “Triffids” on display in New Hope. The Sculpture Club is dedicated to serving Bucks County by performing community projects. In addition to offering presentations and demonstrations, the club maintains the bronze art of the Stella Tyler Sculpture Garden, a public garden located on the BCCC Newtown campus. Visit the garden to view “Offerings,” a bronze sculpture produced by Dean of Arts John Matthews, Instructor and Club Advisor Jon Burns, and artist Catia Whitmore. Email arts@bucks.edu for information about the club.

Landscape Design Group to Celebrate 35 Of Design & Construction

Landscape Design s17

In 1982 Frank and Mike Montemuro, graduates of Penn State’s landscape architecture program, started Landscape Design Group. They envisioned combining landscape architectural principles with contractor expertise, to bring high-quality landscape design and construction to the area’s homeowners and businesses. This unique strategy has created a loyal client following that has supported the company through many economic ups and downs, and has left a lasting stamp of beauty and value on the homes and businesses of this area. With a long-time, dedicated staff and partner-contractors, LDG now offer 35 years of design and construction experience, something few businesses in this category can match. Landscape Design Group, Inc., is located at 4284 Burnt House Hill Road, Doylestown, PA 18902; 215-340-7890. For more information, visit www.landscapedesigngroupinc.com. Email: info@landscapedesigngroupinc.com.

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William N. Waite

Now in our fourth generation as a family business, at Worthington and Shagen Custom Builder we build custom-crafted, extraordinarily detailed, and fine-finished new homes, renovations, restorations, and additions.

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