EMS Week

EMS Week is again upon us! On behalf of all of us at Lower Bucks Hospital, we would like to take this opportunity thank you for all that you do. We know that every EMS professional puts in long hours to care for the needs of our community, while...

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Do you have hearing loss? Here are the warning signs that you may have hearing loss.. · Keeping the television volume elevated · Asking others to repeat... Read more


If your eyes are the windows to the world, what are your options when those windows become cloudy and blurry? Colors seem to fade, and the lights brought on by oncoming cars make nighttime driving difficult to navigate. More than likely, the culprit Read more

Colon Health Doctors

Paul Wesley

Which would you rather do, avoid mild discomfort for a scant 17 hours or the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have taken a major positive step toward maintaining good health? Keep that equation in mind when your physician tells you that Read more

Our area cardiac rehabilitation facilities not only help us to recover from cardiac events, they show us how to livie in a way that drastically reduces the chances of having another by Margo Aramian Ragan Read more

Mary Ellen M. DeVito, acupuncturist, explains how acupuncture is often used as a last resort, and that instead, it should be considered a treatment of first resort Read more


The V.I.A. Maternity Center of Doylestown Hospital offers 10 private labor, delivery, and recovery rooms; 22 private postpartum rooms; A Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery directed by neonatologists from CHOP Read more


“When most people think about chiropractic, they think of it in relation to back pain, but chiropractic is really all about function.” The function of our bodies depends on proper communication Read more


Abington Health is making a mini revolution with the most advanced, minimally invasive hip, knee, shoulder, and spine procedures available at the Orthopaedic & Spine Institute. Our orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons have extensive experience in Read more


St. mary

Nat Clymer

Over the last 40 years, St. Mary Medical Center has grown from a single three-story building into the most comprehensive medical center in Bucks County, comprised of multiple interconnected, medical buildings, and several off-campus care Read more

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