Ernestine Shepherd

Sexy At 80

Usually I feature a new and even some old products, but for this column I want to write about a woman I have been following for the past 23 years. And what better time to tell you about her, since she is turning 80 years old this June. It is...



This fitness device is the real deal! The TRX is so portable, versatile, creative and adaptable to so many fitness levels. more

There are many ways to stay fit and in shape at any age. I discovered years ago that facial exercises need to be added to your regular workout. more

While we were talking I couldn't help looking down at his feet. I finally asked the big question. What is that you are wearing? I never seen anything like those before more

As I’m browsing through my LinkedIn network on my work anniversary, one of my members gave me a thumbs up and a like on my anniversary post that Linkedin puts up for it’s members. With this member’s photo, I see an exercise piece that is being ... more


June Hines

Paul Wesley

Not everything called Pilates is the same as the exercise system that Joseph Pilates developed and passed on to his pupils through a rigorous training and certification process more


Dr. Dennis Bonner

Photograph by Paul Wesley

Dr. Dennis Bonner offers seniors the fountain of youth—a hormone management program for making the latter years feel more like the good old days by Jackie Jackson more


At Nurture Spa, their experienced therapists are there to take care of you. “We are dedicated to discovering what you need, then providing the most enriching results for body and mind. The style is simple and natural. more