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Our Pet Portraiture

aking inspiration from British painter Edwin Landseer’s dog paintings and the most famous dog of them all, Lassie, Glenn Harrington traces his reason for creating his own portraits of pets



Through the lens of Natalie Searl’s camera we see a Bucks County that is still rustically ruraland hasn’t yielded its rich local identity. Her photographs and giclée prints tell stories that are timeless and enchanting. more

Growing up on her family’s farm sparked a love of landscape in Susan Blubaugh that continues to ignite her passion for painting. As a child she wandered the surrounding countryside, often moved by the vistas she saw. She thought to herself, “If I... more

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Calling himself an itinerant artist, William A. Sloan roams freely from one form of expression to another. As a painter, photographer, muralist, graphic artist and writer, he is comfortable in any media for any purpose. On his website he wrote... more

Arts & Antiques

Painting outdoors year-round in the Pennsylvania Impressionist tradition, Brad Boyer paints compelling rural scenes from Bucks County and the Lehigh Valley more

The French novelist Emile Zola once said, “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” Without realizing it, Dean Thomas has lived by these words ever since he knew he wanted to be an artist. His strong resolve... more

Achieving success in the art world is often like a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs. For painter Jim Lukens, balancing those highs and lows is something he’s mastered as skillfully as his paintings. “It’s more of an attainable... more

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A resident of Bucks County since 1966, Steven Snyder has been sculpting stone since 1981. more

Ever since he sold his first painting at age 17, Al Lachman has lived and breathed his art. During his 62-year career as a fine artist, he has drawn and painted thousands of original works. He’s a master at his craft, yet technical expertise... more

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Walking into the of Glenn Harrington’s studio in Pipersville for the first time is an experience I will never forget. Glenn, soft spoken and humble, meets me with a welcoming smile. All around me are beautiful paintings of people and a few... more

Arts & Antiques

ost of us see fog for what it is—a gray haze that makes it hard to see anything else. What Desmond McRory sees is a magical mix of blues, greens, purples and a whole range of grays. Primarily a landscape painter, he pares down his subject matter... more

Photographer Flippo Eridieri pays attention to detail in this photo essay more

Antiques tell us much about our history and the kinds of style and furnishings that our ancestors had in days gone by. Antiques can be decorative like the weathervanes and the old architect sign in this photo. They also can be functional like the... more

Arts & Antiques

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