Being a long-time user of the AB Doer since 1997, and hearing about the advanced AB Doer 360 fitness system I knew right there and then, yes, this one I would gladly want to review. I contacted John Abdo, and while John is very busy being the... more

Nov 28, 2017 4:15 PM

Winter is a good time to consider installing a gazebo or belvedere because these garden structures are not only ornamental when properly placed in the landscape, they are functional, serving as a shelter from rain or snow and also as a firm footing.. more

Francisco’s on the River Who doesn’t love Italian food? And who doesn’t enjoy eating out at his or her favorite Italian restaurant? It’s something we just have to do. With immense pleasure. Surely, it’s built into our DNA, right? And as much as... more

Restaurants With Taste The Raven Francisco’s on the River (byline) by Frank D. Quattrone The Raven The Raven takes flight evermore! I know you’ll forgive this allusion to Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem when you realize that Eddie Gerace... more

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What do Hollywood film director Michael Moore and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have in common with Newtown resident Kenny Thorburn? They share an outstanding achievement as members of an elite group of Boy Scouts who rose to the highest rank of... more

Industry is constantly evolving—heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) being no exception. According to MSI Data, companies are striving to offer products that use less energy, have lower operational cost, and perform better. Software... more

You’re sitting in a doctor’s waiting room and watching the clock tick…15 minutes pass…20 minutes…35 minutes…you have so much to do today and you’re on time for your appointment. What is taking so long? You must find out what is going on with that... more


The French novelist Emile Zola once said, “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” Without realizing it, Dean Thomas has lived by these words ever since he knew he wanted to be an artist. His strong resolve... more

Graham Greene once said, “There’s always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” For Bucks County resident Gregory Conocchioli that moment came when, at the age of eight, he made his first batch of preserves with the... more

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Looking for that quintessential Bucks County Inn, fine Italian restaurant or the best smoked ribs? Let Bucks County Magazine help you find it. And, be sure you check out our dining and food section featuring some fine chefs and restaurants with taste. CLICK BELOW.

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