Functional trainers are really great for resistance training for strength, hypertrophy, speed power and endurance. Read more

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Bristol, which is as old as Pennsylvania itself, has an interesting history that goes back to William Penn’s charter. The town, once a major recreation area because of the famous Bristol Baths and its beautiful riverside view, was an escape for ... Read more

Bucks County gardeners are fortunate to have a wide variety of deciduous trees and shrubs that not only produce vibrant rustic colors as their leaves drop but also produce generous berry displays as a bonus. Add to this beautiful bark colors as a... Read more

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It all started with salads. The “it” is Nourish by MaMa, on the corner of E. State and Donald streets. It’s one of Doylestown’s newest—and hottest—eateries. No surprise that the owner and creative chef is Kendall Bajek, who also owns the popular... Read more

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On a very warm July afternoon, I met with Keith Fenimore, co-founder and executive director of the Pine2Pink Foundation, on the porch of Evolution Candy in the heart of Doylestown. It was an unusual place to hold an interview, but also highly... Read more


I say this not to offend any of the countless fine chefs and restaurants I’ve had the privilege to visit during my more than three decades of writing dining features and reviews, but the dinner that Eve and I enjoyed at the Broadmoor at the end of... Read more

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He couldn’t have chosen a more apt name for his latest venture. Stella, after all, means “star” in Italian, and Stella by José Garces clearly shines as the brightest new star on the burgeoning New Hope restaurant scene. Open for just three months... Read more

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Jerry Lepping has seen the world, many times in a one-of-a-kind way. He has golfed in Scotland, where today’s modern game was created, and at Augusta, home of the Masters Tournament. He highly recommends sipping a Singapore sling at Raffles Hotel... Read more

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Most of us look outside our window and see only what our eyes allow, but Rodney Miller always sees something more. Often what lies just beyond his window provides fertile ground for his imagination. Take, for instance, one winter when he looked... Read more

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Bucks County Magazine can be found for sale at most major newsstand locations. We also are sold at local farm markets, delis, garden centers and country stores. Attached is a list of these locations.

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Looking for that quintessential Bucks County Inn, fine Italian restaurant or the best smoked ribs? Let Bucks County Magazine help you find it. And, be sure you check out our dining and food section featuring some fine chefs and restaurants with taste. CLICK BELOW.

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