For years after its opening in 1939, bucolic, stately Durham Springs established a reputation as the go-to destination for weddings, parties, and special catered affairs. Situated on thirty-three acres of pristine Bucks County woodlands and meadow... Read more

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In an ambitious and challenging project in the Saucon Valley, the professional team at Worthington & Shagen took a house down to the studs and rebuilt it in a “Barn Style” . Read more

Everyone, I am sure, would like a garden that has color through all the seasons, but the fact is that few of us have the time or the resources to maintain a picture-perfect ornamental garden during every month, which is why I always put my best... Read more

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You never forget the moments when you learn about your personal history. For Robin Robinson, she was a teenager riding in her mother’s car on the 405 in Los Angeles when she found out she was Jewish. Robinson’s mother had originally kept her... Read more

I went to the Fit Expo Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this past October. Well worth the trip. There was so much to see that I made sure we made a full day of it. Read more

Understanding which plants grow best in what sunlight and then taking proper steps makes growing directly from seed a real joy. Read more

I like to wow my Philadelphia born and bred wife with views of the Bucks County countryside. She actually screams with delight when she spots a deer. So on our way to Galvanized America Inn & Art Gallery, we ride the back roads of Central Bucks... Read more


Container gardening with its easy mobility provides a way to brighten up any area of your garden. Read more

You know she’s not real, that she only exists on paper. Yet you can almost hear the rustling of her long, blue skirt and see the dust fly as she kicks up her heels and runs down the Old Western street. She’s just one of countless illustrations... Read more

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Cole Porter immortalized them in song. Ogden Nash sang their praises in his poem “A Drink with Something in It.” In “Sex and The City,” Carrie Bradshaw introduced the Cosmo to women everywhere, while Don Draper in “Mad Men” turned to more than one... Read more

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Chris Corey, founder of Corey-Built, Inc. Custom Building brings a host of creative talent, including being a fine artist, to the building and remodeling of homes Read more

If you were asked to name types of medical specialties, you’d likely be able to come up with a dozen or more that span the alphabet—from anesthesiology to podiatry to urology. Audiology may not be on that list, but Dr. Lynda Wayne would like to... Read more


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