BucksMont BizCon At The Fuge

Area entrepreneurs and small business owners will converge at The Fuge in Warminster on Thursday, October 22 for a first-of-its-kind small business marketing conference—BucksMont BizCon. more »

What to Do

Michael Smerconish

His last name has given many people pause, how does one say or spell it, but Bucks County native Michael Smerconish has made his name familiar to folks coast to coast. He wears many hats—attorney, cable network talk show host, Sirius radio host, ... more »

Water gardens

Most homeowners dream of having a unique water feature on their property. Today’s water gardens go beyond the standard fountain, pond, or waterfall. You can have a stone wall with water gently flowing down it. It doubles as an art piece ... more »

Home & Garden

Treating Chronic Pain

t is estimated that almost 100 million people in this country are affected by some type of chronic pain. Annually, this adds up to $635 billion in lost productivity and medical treatment. Pain sufferers often try multiple treatments ... more »


Building Dream Homes

When you envision your dream home, what do you see? Is it a New England Saltbox? A Long Island vacation home? A Bucks County manor? Mine would be a Cape May Victorian. I would be torn between the Eastland Style with its ornate spindles and knobs ... more »

Home & Garden

Artistic Inspiration

Throughout history artists have been drawn to gardens in search of stimulating motifs. Some have even planted gardens to paint, including Renoir, Cezanne and Monet among the great French Impressionist artists ... more »

Home & Garden

Art Department

Harry B

Harry Boardman

If you visit Harry Boardman’s website you won’t find lengthy dissertations about his art, his background or the creative process. He’d much rather have you experience his art than read about it ... more »

Courtney Rains Loo

Imagine going from a major Broadway production to the sets of some of the more successful television and movie productions, but finding your greatest satisfaction and happiness in the tiny borough of Morrisville. That's the journey of twists and ... more »

A Chiropractic Calling

Doctor Gina Genin remembers when a six-year-old boy who had chronic ear infections since he was two weeks old was brought to her office. His condition was so bad that he had to have his mastoid bone, which sits behind the ear, reconstructed .... more »

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